more plants in more places

Plants need two things to grow – Water and Sun. While plants can be watered anywhere, due to architectural and design restraints, most spaces do not have the sun light levels necessary to freely grow plants throughout them. This is why we Greenfit®…


To Greenfit® is to design spaces to grow any plant anywhere, allowing more plants in more places. By integrating plants into the architectural and interior design of a space you can share in the mission and beauty of making life a little greener.

From Gray...

Today more than fifty percent of global office workers have no access to daylight. Connecting to nature is crucial to our physical and mental well-being. Nature offers a sense of our true place in the world. But this link is becoming frayed and disconnected. We work in buildings with limited connection to nature and we are bombarded by artificial light at every turn. Green

Many workplaces suffer from poor light quality and no access to nature. By improving the internal environment through better natural greenery, installing daylight and views, decreasing reliance on artificial means. Lighting can be improved by using other means of lighting such as daylight from windows and fixtures to help keep plants and people happy and healthy.


"The lighting solution creates a warmth, sophistication and inviting nature our customers (and plants!) are very much drawn to and appreciate."

"We genuinely could not be happier."
- Christian Cervantes
Calienna - Vienna, Austria

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